New construction, remodels, and home add-ons. We can handle big and small jobs.


Repairing holes and cracks. Changing wall textures. Popcorn ceiling removal and more.

Water Damage

Water leaks can cause severe damage to your walls. We are here to help!

Fire Damage

Fire damage may require drywall repairs. Have us take a look at the damage.




Meeks Drywall has been helping with new residential construction and residential remodels for over 30 years.


Need to make changes to your commercial property? Meeks Drywall is licensed and insured to help with your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

new construction drywall hanging finishing texture in swfl fort myers fl
How Can I Schedule an Appointment?

Call 239-470-3875 or send us a message using the contact form below to schedule an appointment.

Will You Leave My House a Mess?

Absolutely not! Meeks Drywall is committed to providing SWFL residents with quality drywall repair services. We keep the environment as clean as possible while working, and always clean up our mess!

Are You Insured?

Meeks Drywall is insured! If you have any additional questions regarding our insurance or liability, please give us a call!



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Meeks Drywall has been serving Fort Myers, FL, and surrounding areas with drywall and plaster services for 30 years. We work on new homes, remodels, and even small patch jobs. Here is a list of things we can help you with – give us a call at 239-470-3875 if you want to get an estimate on your project.

Drywall Installation

We work with home builders all across SWFL and can handle any sized project. Our team is highly experienced with hanging drywall, and we will have the project completed on time, every time. 

Plaster and Texture

There are many different textures, but the most common around SWFL seems to be skip trowel and knockdown. If it’s a patch job, we will always match the patch to the existing texture so you will never be able to tell a hole was there. 

Here are textures you can choose from when doing a remodel or building a new home. 

Skip Trowel – This is one of the most popular types of drywall texture and it looks great on walls, especially if you’re going for a more contemporary look. 

skip trowel drywall texture on a ceiling
Skip Trowel Drywall Texture on a Ceiling

Knockdown – The knockdown texture is another popular one, with either a light or heavy consistency. It’s great if you’re going for a Mediterranean-style home. This is one of the harder textures to match, as it requires a sprayer and works to get a matching consistency. The texture is sprayed and then knocked down to create consistent, flat bumps. 

example of knockdown drywall texture swfl drywall contractor repairs and textures
Drywall Knockdown Texture Example

Orange Peel – Similar to knockdown, orange peel is a sprayed texture, except it doesn’t get knocked down with a trowel or knife. Typically, this texture is sprayed from a smaller nozzle to create a bunch of small bumps on the wall, making the wall have the same texture as an orange peel. Many newer homes feature a “light” orange peel, but we can match or apply the texture to your requirements.

drywall texture example showing orange peel on a wall
Orange Peel Drywall Texture Example

There are other textures, such as swirl, lace, and crow’s foot. Popcorn ceiling is common in many older homes, but we’re mostly in charge of removing it and re-texturizing the wall or ceiling. If you want to remove the popcorn ceiling texture from your home give us a call and we will be happy to help!

Common Drywall Fixes

Holes, cracks, sagging drywall, exposed drywall tape, and nicks in the corner bead are all common problems we handle for customers on a daily basis. 

Need a quote? Call 239-470-3875 to speak to a professional. We’re available to take on small and large projects.