5 Ideas for Your Garage Room Addition Project

5 Ideas for Your Garage Room Addition Project

5 Ideas for Your Garage Room Addition Project

Thinking about adding another room to your house? The garage is one of the most common ways to transform your house and add another room. If you don’t care to use your garage as a workshop or vehicle storage, then a room addition is an excellent way to make use of that extra space. In many cases, you can still save a good portion of the garage to store tools, lawn equipment, and other items. 

Home Office

Working from home is more common than ever, as most office employees can do their jobs from home. Even if that’s not the case with you, a home office can be a great place for you to work in peace. However, if you recently started working from home and you don’t have an office, then consider getting one built inside of your garage. 

Man Cave or Sports Room

This kind of room doesn’t have to take up the entire garage, but it can be huge if you have a 2+ car garage. Adding a room addition in the garage can provide you with plenty of space to store a refrigerator, snacks, furniture, and a big-screen TV. Some people even add a bar for storing and mixing their drinks. 

Gaming Room

This is a very common room addition, as a gaming room provides fun for the whole family. It can be a great location for a pool table, ping pong table, arcade games, etc. Whatever it is you’re into, you can add a room for it in your garage. 

Movie Theater

How cool is it to say you have a theater in your house? Not everyone can say that. Sure, some have a large TV in the living room… but, it’s not the same. How about getting a real theater installed? We’re talking about custom walls built for the TV, surround system, and ambient lighting. 

Not every garage is the same size, and the size of the theater will vary depending on your house. 

Play Room for Kids

If you have little ones running around the house, why not make them a big playroom? A basic room addition like this is relatively inexpensive. A drywall contractor like Meeks Drywall can install custom built-in shelves to store board games or a media wall with custom lighting and room for a TV to mount. Sketch up your idea, and email the picture to us for an estimate. 

Things to Consider

Custom walls, niches, crown molding, baseboard, etc. All of these things cost money but are very much worth the price. Think about what you want, write down all of your ideas, and take them to a licensed and insured contractor to get started. 

There are so many possibilities when it comes to any room addition project, so we’ve attached a gallery of inspiration below. These are not rooms built by our company – they are just for inspirational purposes to help you get ideas for your project.

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