Metal vs. Wood Framing and What You Need to Know

Even though we specialize in metal framing, we are often tasked with putting up walls with wood. Our team is very versatile and can work with both wood and metal, but we do prefer metal due to the many advantages it provides both the installer and homeowner.

Benefits of Using Metal Studs

  • Durability – metal is more durable and will never rot like wood. It doesn’t catch on fire like wood, and termites don’t eat it like wood. It’s a better long-term solution that will save you money in the future, as wood studs often need to be replaced due to water damage, fire, termites, etc.
  • Price – metal and wood studs are not that different in price, making it an affordable solution.
  • Metal studs are light – they are easier to handle, and easier to install. If you need to move one, it’s not a big deal. Metal studs can also be cut rather quickly with snips, making it a more convenient material to work with.
  • Metal is more predictable, meaning you don’t have to worry about warped studs. 

Metal seems to be the better choice, although there are cases where wood is better to use. Wood studs can hold more weight, and some builders prefer to use wood studs due to the strength of the material alone. With that said, metal studs are surprisingly strong when framed right and can still withstand hurricanes and earthquakes.

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